Finding Grants for Artist
In the past it was more difficult to find grants for artist.  Now there seems to be more emphasis placed on creativity and expression.  Below you will find some foundations that are helping artist. 

National Endowment for the Arts:  

​The Pollock-Krasner Foundation  

Creative Capital Foundation

United States Artist
Possible ways to finding a Art Patron

The starving artist in the past was romanticized, yet few earn more than a marginal living from pursuing their creative passions. Ever since the Renaissance, wealthy individuals have understood the benefits of supporting the arts. Today there are still patrons of the arts that continue this time honored tradition. Their mission being to support young artists by promoting and collecting their work. Here are some possible ways that might help you find them.

The Cue Art Foundation, located in New York City. This organization is dedicated to the support of unrecognized artists. It offers internships, solo exhibitions, residencies and development seminars.      

You could apply for a grant with the Creative Capital Foundation (link above). This foundation offers yearly grants in the fields of film/video and visual arts. They typically provide a high level of financial support (funding can begin at $10,000 and can increase depending on the project) as well as direct involvement with the artist's career, personal development and professional relationships. Applicants should be established artist seeking to build on their accomplishments and increase their profile in the artistic  arena.

Apply for a job or internship at a well known Art Foundation or Art Gallery.  This can lead to the opportunity to network with art patrons.  

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