AAG- Artist Studio Information
Information required:  
All works must be original, meaning created for the first time.  
We will reference that the work is “An example of this artist's work”, please include in the email as much information as possible such as the title, date of work, medium (oil, watercolor etc.), dimensions (in inches) for our internal documentation. Also include who you are. The easiest way for interested parties to contact you or so, we may respond with any questions. AAG reserves the right to edit (shorten) biography, if needed.  All editing will be approved by the artist through e-mail correspondence.
We also welcome artist recommendations.  If you are not an artist but know of a very talented local artist you may refer them and their web site to us.  

Artist requirement:  
Referencing as to such as a painter, sculptor.  We welcome jewelry makers, wood carvers, pottery, glass blowers, etc. . We are not prejudice toward an artist due to lack of educational opportunities.  We welcome those with natural ability. We are only interested in the talent.  Sorry we do not accept writers or actors. AthensArtistGallery studio request are subject to approval before they are listed. AthensArtistGallery reserves the right to deny.

Submitting photo of work:
Email all information to:
All photos must be in .JPG formatt less then Maximum file size is 100k bytes. 72dpi (dots per inch setting please). To fit comfortably on the page the image should not exceed 600 pixels in either direction. Our recommended image size is approximately 350 - 400 pixels in either direction. Please email only one image per artist. 

Artist Showcase:
Showcasing  an artist and their works.  It is our right to choose who will be showcased.  In the event you should be choosen.  We will require several photos of different original works, and information about the works shown ie; name, cost, availability etc. A small Biography (limit to 250 words please).You may also make us aware  that you would like to be considered or not considered  for the Artist Showcase.  If you are choosen.  You will have a notice emailed to you.  You will have one week to respond (from time of email) with photos of works and all needed information.  Should you fail to respond in time, we will still happily consider you but, for a later date.

Artist Biographies may be submitted along with photo of work.  Artist photos may be submitted along with the biography. AAG has reserved the right to edit (shorten) biography if needed. We will notifiy by email when uploaded on site, and  request approvel by the Artist.

Links to Artist website:
We can provide a direct link to the artist’s website through our Artist Studio page. 

To error is human and to forgive is divine.”  If you should find an error please be divine, and let us know by sending us a email.  We shall review the problem and correct it as soon as possible.

Please note: Once our Content Manager receives your information, it will be reviewed and posted if adhering to our guidelines. If we have any questions, we will get back to you via email.

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