Displaying your Work or Craft
Yes, having a beautiful or innovative piece of art  or craft is important.  But, did you know the way you display your work and the way you present yourself can also have an effect on the consumer. One way to get your products noticed is exhibiting in a craft show. Craft shows help introduce you and your product to potential customers.   It's important to realize that even though you "feel" connected to that wonderful piece of art, doesn't mean the consumer will.  Its important to "create" a atmosphere.  One that can make that potential customer want to purchase that piece of work. One that makes the consumer see that piece of work in their home.   Always be mindful not to set up a display that belongs in a yard sale.  Be more creative, after all, you are the artist.   You don't need to spend alot of money.  Just get creative.  Start with getting a theme for your show. Say your selling handmade rocking horses.  A barn or stable theme would be nice.   Obtaining a canopy tent is good for outdoor shows.  This will protect you and your products from the sun and rain.  Set up tables neatly in a "L " shape.  It's a good idea to use table cloths with skirts.  This way you can store any necessary items under the table, unnoticed. Display things neatly and clean-clean-clean.  A back drop is always a good idea for hanging products and can be made very cheaply.  Make sure it is sturdy enough to handle wind . You don't want it blowing over onto potential customers and, short enough to fit under canopy. Also, be aware of the display "foot" you don't want it tripping anyone.  One simple idea is to use chicken wire in a wood frame instead of solid wood.  This works well with small painted saw blades, bird houses, small shelves, etc.  I once saw burlap stretched across a window wooden frame to display dried flowers and handmade jewelry.  A solid wood display is beautiful but heavy and can be aggrevating. But, if you have the help, go for it.  Most importantly make sure your in compliance with the craft show.

When it comes to you the Artist, or craft person.  Dress for the show.  Peoples first impression can be lasting.  Try to make a good one.  Even though artist can be and sometimes expected to be vivacious and exuberant.  Try not to come off as weird. People tend to avoid weird.  Of course, unless that is what your working for. For example,  say your an wildlife painter.  Dress more like the outdoorsman.  Play the part.  Most importantly remember to smile!
You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.

Set up and take down  all equipment and displays prior to show. 

The craft show is not the place to find out that you are unable to assemble an item or that something important was forgotten.
Local Craft Shows you might be interested in:

WINTERVILLE MARIGOLD FESTIVAL INC. Post Office Box 306 Winterville GA 30683 E-mail: Telephone: 706-372-1236

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